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Community Information Session

Thank you to everyone who attended our Community Information Session on Saturday 28th September. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. The information boards from the session are now available to view on the link below.

Mirvac has also been in touch with the Body Corporates of the surrounding apartment buildings to offer a personalised information session. Please contact your Body Corporate to check if a session has been organised.

Since 2001, Waterfront, Newstead has set the benchmark for real estate in Brisbane on location, design and lifestyle. It represents an opportunity to create history, developing one of the last, and largest, tracts of land along the city’s magnificent waterfront, reshaping Newstead into one of Brisbane’s most popular precincts.

The Waterfront Newstead story is continually unfolding to create a connected and vibrant community. Waterfront Newstead has been the catalyst for the evolution of Newstead, contributing over $65 million in parklands, roads, cycleways, community facilities and retail to date. It is also home to the first residential buildings by Mirvac - Pier, Park and Unison.

With the Newstead community continuing to grow, Mirvac is now planning for the next chapter of Waterfront. We are committed to working with the community to continue to add value to Newstead, while creating quality residences that people are proud to call home.

Waterfront Newstead Community

Wrapped around parkland, flanked by Brisbane’s riverfront, Gasworks and green open space, Waterfront Newstead is a connected community.

The original plan was created back in 2001 and has evolved with the area’s emerging community. The plan was updated in 2011, in line with the introduction of Brisbane City Council’s Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan and its planning controls.

Community Benefits

As part of the Waterfront Newstead project, Mirvac has delivered more
than $65 million of key infrastructure improvements.


When complete Mirvac will have handed over 50% of the development site area to Brisbane City Council for the benefit of the wider community.


Over 600 metres of walking and cycle paths constructed throughout Waterfront Newstead linking through to Newstead House, Newstead Terrace and Skyring Terrace when completed. Along with the construction of new road networks including the delivery of Skyring Terrace, Festival Place, Cunningham Street and the extension of Waterloo Street.


Rehabilitation of this key riverfront parcel from its previous life as a heavily industrial site, transforming it into a community that many residents call home and locals can enjoy daily.

Newstead Wharf

Major refurbishment of Newstead wharf has been completed, including widening of surrounding footpaths and parklands and opening up this riverside space to the community.


Installation of BBQ, playground and parkland seating facilities.


Installation of new stormwater, sewerage and electrical
reticulation systems,
along with the upgrading of existing stormwater and sewerage systems.

The Growth of Newstead's Community

Waterfront Newstead by Mirvac | Population Growth
A further 18,232 people expected
to move to the Broader Newstead
Catchment Area by 2037

With walking distance to cafes, restaurants, transport as well as proximity to the Brisbane River and City has seen Newstead's popularity continue to boom. As more people move to this area, Waterfront Newstead will be part of the vibrate community by providing homes for these residents.
Source: Queensland Government Statistician's Office.

Waterfront Newstead by Mirvac | Population Growth
An expected additional
386,800 people in Brisbane
City Council by 2041

In Brisbane City Council alone, the population is projected to increase by nearly 386,800 people by 2041. An additional 188,200 dwellings will be required in Brisbane by 2041 to respond to this population growth.
Source: Queensland Government Shaping SEQ South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017.

Newstead Planning Overview

The two main planning documents from Brisbane City Council that apply to development in the Newstead area are:

  • 1) Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane City Plan
  • 2) Newstead Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan (Neighbourhood Plan)

The Neighbourhood Plan was introduced in 2011, superseding all plans for the area. Brisbane City Council continue to evolve the Brisbane City Plan and Neighbourhood Plan to meet the area’s housing needs.

Since 2011, developments of the following type and scale listed have been allowable within the area and applies to Waterfront Newstead.

Waterfront Newstead by Mirvac | Planning Overview

25 storeys on a site
greater than 4,000sqm

Waterfront Newstead by Mirvac | Planning Overview

15 storeys on a site
2,500sqm to 4,000sqm

Waterfront Newstead by Mirvac | Planning Overview

8 storeys on a site less
than 2,500sqm

To view the full planning documents, please click the links below:

Brisbane City Plan Neighbourhood Plan

Waterfront Newstead’s Next Precincts

Since 2001, Mirvac has owned Waterfront Newstead. Already this community is home to the Pier, Park and Unison buildings. Looking ahead, the Waterfront Newstead community has a further three development precincts – Shore Precinct, Sky Precinct and Lake Precinct. These will be progressively completed in line with the growth of the area and market demands, and have been part of the Waterfront Newstead vision since 2001.